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We are a community where learning is the key purpose for every member of the community and in which every student has challenging targets and understands the journey to reaching them. We ensure that all members of the school community are valued for their uniqueness, are recognised for their contributions and are developed to become outstanding citizens of the wider community.

father peers3

Richard Peers,
Former Head Master

Former Head Master Father Richard on a Year 10 residential.

Organisation and curriculum

We have a talented staff team who work extremely hard and know their students well. At

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Children are grouped in 'family groups' by ability and are taught in these ability groups. The Family Group Leader is the first point of contact for families. Each Family Group is part of a House, named after the four Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Zadkiel. The houses compete for trophies in a number of events over the year.

Year Progress Leaders are the 'heads of year' and are the next point of contact for families.

Our sports teams are outstanding and regularly win local competitive tournaments. We make up for our limited on-site sports activities by making use of the whole range of facilities in the local area.

Enrichment and enhancement activities

Our pupils enjoy a wide range of out-of-school activities. We have clubs for photography, art, dance, ICT, film making and languages. We provide additional individual instrumental tuition across the school. There are also musical productions, inter-tutor group and inter-school sporting events. There are many educational visits to locations in the UK and Europe. In Year 7 pupils travel to Norfolk and alongside other activities visit the Shrine at Walsingham. In Year 10 pupils travel to the Taizé Community in France to experience the Christian life there and to meet young people from around the world.

Home and school links

We hold annual parents' evenings and provide regular reports to keep parents informed of progress to targets.

Parents are welcome to get involved in all aspects of school life through parents' groups and as members of the governing body. Our Parents and Friends of Trinity (PAFT) group meet regularly and put events such as a quiz evening, meet the teachers event and fund raising activities.

School environment

In January 2011 Trinity moved into a multi million purpose designed building. Unlike so many 'off the shelf' new builds this bespoke design reflects the school's character and ethos in both its shape and design features. "It takes a village to raise a child": at Trinity the public spaces, the Library, Refectory and Trinity Hall surround the ground floor internal village green where pupils gather before the day begins and at break and lunchtime.

Although a relatively small site every visitor to the school has commented on its tardis like quality with a sense of spaciousness and beauty. The building is enhanced by magnificent views of the neighbouring Manor House Gardens. The school's art studios particularly benefit from the light and space of the gardens.

 The building also includes surprisingly spacious sports halls, gymnasium and football area. An outside learning deck above ground floor rooms enhances external spaces. A small chapel was consecrated for prayer and meditation by the Bishop of Southwark and a Muslim prayer room is provided when requested.

Additional Physical Education activities take place off site at Old Colfians, Tudor Sports and other facilities.

We are grateful to Manor House Gardens User's Group with whom we have agreed limited use of the facilities in the gardens for half an hour a day on four lunchtimes and some PE lessons.
The rich and vibrant colour scheme in the school is derived from the Trinity icon that has been so strong focus in the school's journey of transformation. It further emphasises that Trinity is 'no ordinary school'.

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