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Trinity Primary

Welcome to Trinity Primary, at Trinity our school life is founded on our Christian values and ethos.

A Message from the Head of School:

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Darren Janes,
Head of School

Trinity Primary

May I wish you a very warm welcome to Trinity Primary. We are an incredibly unique school, blessed with hardworking, smiling pupils; dedicated and inspiring teachers; and a strong community of parents and friends. Whether you are an existing member of our Trinity family or are looking into joining, you will be warmly welcomed at our gates, in our corridors and in our classrooms. It is such an exciting time to be part of Trinity’s journey to becoming a full all through school and I am proud to be leading the school at this time.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Janes

Head of School
Trinity Primary
Leahurst road
SE13 5HZ
0208 325 4551
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Our Values and mission statement:



We want our mission statement to be understood by all: teaching staff, families and pupils. We believe it states what being part of the Trinity family truly means. The statement, like everything we do, is underpinned by the Trinity values, which take pride of place on the mission statement, emphasising our all through school values.


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Year 1 MTP Sea Explorers
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Trinity Primary Mission Statement
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Primary Instrument Lesson Letter
Instrument Lesson Letter

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