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Free School Meals

Update September: FSM are back to the usual provision within school.  Please supply the school with the appropriate paperwork, then your son / daughter will be able to get a FSM whilst in school.  Our caterers are working extremely hard to ensure we have a choice of meals from he start of term.  If you have any questions please do phone the school office.

Update July - FSM vouchers will continue over the summer holiday.  We are organising them during the week beginning 6th July, so parents get them at the very start of the holiday.  You will get one voucher for the entire holiday.  As schools are back full time from September we will then revert into FSM only being provided in school from that date.  

Update May - the school voucher scheme is fully operational now and all pupils on Free School Meals are getting these vouchers emailed directly to them.  This will continue for the rest of this academic year.  Even when the school provision increases we will continue with the vouchers.  Do email the school if you  have any issues.  Please be aware that sometimes they are late being delivered - this is due to the system and not the school.  We process the order each week and have a receipt - we are then reliant on the website and company delivering the actual vouchers.

Those in the Key Worker provision do get a meal each day as well to support families at this time.  This again will continue until the end of the summer term.  Please note this provision is moving from the 1st of June to the Secondary site.

Stay safe and strong.

Update 7/4/20 - we have had several emails from parents saying they have not yet received the e-vouchers.  The governments website dealing with this has just closed due to technical issues.  We are chasing this up - as a new service set up by the government it would seem they are having difficulties at the current time.  We are chasing and will update you when we have further information - we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience, but are dependent upon a third party supplier.

UPDATE 3/04/2020 - The government recently announced the national voucher scheme.  We have been sent a link to start the set up.  This is new to us but we have set them up quickly.  The aim is to be able to provide all our families in receipt of free school meals with an e-voucher starting from Monday 6th April.  The entitlement does not begin to after the Easter holiday, but we felt it was key that we used school funds to support our families as much as we could - so we will pay for the 2 weeks over Easter.  The voucher will be emailed directly to you, and can be redeemed in Tesco / Sainsbury's / ASDA / Morrisons / M&S.  The codes come with instructions on how you can use them - which will either be electronically (a copy you show / scan at the shop  directly from your phone) or via a printout (you will have to print them out).  If you feel you will not be able to use the e-vouchers then we can print them out for you weekly (if we print them we will select Sainsbury's).  If you have any difficulties please do email the school office.  Thank you for your full support - We have managed to give out 80 food parcels to families over the last week and provide packed lunches for over 50 families as well.  We want to support all our families the best we can.  Stay safe.

Those in school for our Key Worker provision will continue to get a free lunch.

Thank you for your continued support