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As the school is closed we want to ensure pupils continue to learn and progress with their education.  Our staff are all working remotely from home to ensure work set is appropriate, at the right level and challenging to keep pupils progressing whilst at home.  A lot of planning and thought has been put into this work programme and staff are at the end of an email address to give support and guidance.  We have a lot of specific work being set for each year group and ability group of the school, the specific details can be found under the Primary Learning and Secondary Learning tab on the right.

There are many websites you can use to support your learning at home.  Please see some of these below.  We will be publishing a short newsletter each week with an update, details of home study and an updated character corner giving you ideas on what you can do at home and what is on TV that is educational for the week ahead.  We will try to give as much advice and support as possible.

If you require any further support please do contact the school.  Our office main line will have a member of staff each day between the hours of 9am and 1pm.  The school buildings will be both open and if you require any paper copies please phone ahead and we can have work prepared for you to collect and take home.

There are many ideas on what you can do to support your child's wellbeing whilst being at home as well:

  1. Offer to wak a dog for a neighbour
  2. Learn Origami
  3. Offer to shop for someone who needs to self-isolate (do not make contact, you need to stand at least 3 meters away when dropping things off).
  4. see if any elderly neighbours or people living alone near you would appreciate a phone call each day (no visiting).
  5. Walk or run, preferably in a green space, every day.  You need to make sure you keep at least 3 meters away from anyone you meet.
  6. Learn a new skill e.g. knitting, crochet, printing, life drawing.  Look online for videos and ideas.  
  7. If you have a musical instrument at home practice regularly and look online to see how you can improve
  8. Play games as a family to break up the day - get that monopoly board out to help you.
  9. Brush up on  your cooking skills.  Have a bake off challenge or come dine with me competition at home.
  10. Grow something indoors
  11. If you have a garden spend time in it - fresh air is great
  12. Make a game for your family to play

Stay together as a family unit, do things together and talk to each other during this difficult time.  I have attached a mental and physical wellbeing document below to support families at home as well. It gives some good ideas on keeping the family unit together.

Thank you for your continued support.  Please remember we are a community school and it is important that we need to support each other.  Reach out to those around you so that at this difficult time we all have someone to support us.  If there is anything we can do please do contact us.  Stay safe.

David Lucas

Executive Headteacher