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Pupil Outcomes / exam resuslts


Secondary Exam Results 2017 / 18

Trinity pupils rose to the challenge of the new more academically rigorous GCSE exams in all subjects this year by achieving some excellent results across a wide range of subjects.  A comprehensive school, Trinity has a true mix of pupils ranging from those who are academically able through to those that struggle with reading and writing.  Support and intervention is specific to each individual. As a small school we are able to tailor the support to meet the needs of each pupil.  For the link to the Department For Education (DFE) data site please see the bottom of this page.

Destinations data shows for the third year in a row we have 25% of our cohort moving on to grammar schools and take up scholarships at Independent schools.  Around 70% go on to study A Levels and the rest go on to do a mix of apprenticeships, Level 3 vocational qualifications and combined A Level and vocational courses.  We support pupils in their choices.

A8 (Attainment 8) comes out at 46.4 which is above the England average and that of Lewisham.

P8 (Progress 8) is significantly better than last year and in-line with National Average.  The provisional data indicates that we are within the statistical average for England with a score of -0.13. This does not include all our exam results and all of the remarks - where our internal data set has this data uploaded indicates we are +0.06.  You can compare us with national data sets using the link at the bottom of this page.

English 4 + = 76%                                              English 5+ = 58%

Maths 4 + = 78%                                               Maths 5 + = 54%

English and Maths 4+ = 71%                        English and Maths 5+ = 42%

English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) - 70% were entered for the Ebacc suite of qualifications.  This includes English, Maths, Science, either History or Geography and a Modern Foreign Language.  Average Point Score (APS) was 4.3.

Individual subject success

Art 4+ = 68%

Physics 4+ = 95%

RE 4+ = 65%

Biology 4+ =  91%

Computer Science 7+ = 100%

History 4+ = 65%

Chemistry 4+ = 91%

Music 4+ = 83%

Statistics 4+ = 100%

Individual pupil success

  • Two students achieved five Grade 9's and three Grade 8's. One has a full scholarship at the City of London School and the other secured a place to study 4 A Levels at a local grammar school.
  • Another achieved four Grade 9's and five Grade 8's – he has a full scholarship to Colfes.
  • 12% of the whole year gained a selection of grade 9’s (highest achieving grade- top 4% of the country) as well 21% of the cohort achieving a selection of Grade 8 qualifications.  Grade 7 is equivalent to the old grade A – and we had 41% of the cohort get at least one grade 7or higher.
  • We have 3 pupils who achieved the highest grade in the Free Standing Maths Qualification (which is at the same level as A Level maths) - all of which have sixth form places in independent or grammar schools. 
  • This is just a selection of the successes we had this academic year.  We work tirelessly to ensure all our pupils have a secured destination and we follow their achievements as they progress post 18.  From two years ago we have 2 pupils going on to Cambridge University, with a further large group moving onto Russell Group Universities – including some going onto Medicine.  We have also heard about numerous past pupils securing apprenticeships and jobs after sixth form.  Our pupils’ successes prove that they truly are terrific Trinitarians. 

Primary Outcomes

Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to compare our results with national data for both Primary and Secondary.  If you wish to see our internal primary data please click here.

Secondary Exam Results 2016/17

We are extremely proud of the successes and achievements of all our pupils.  All have gained places Post 16, many at Grammar and Independent (a quarter).

  • 5 GCSE subjects (including English and maths) above grade C (new grade 4) = 64%.  [Grammar stream = 100%]
  • Proportion of students getting A-C in both English AND maths (4+) = 69%
  • Proportion of students getting A-C (grade 4 and above) in English= 78%
  • Proportion of students getting A-C (grade 4 and above) in maths = 78%
  • Proportion of students getting 5+ A*-A grades = 18%
  • 57 grade 8 and 9’s (equivalent to A* and higher) in English and Maths – the grade 9 is achieved by the top 3% in the country.
  • Attainment 8 = 46.33 = C+
  • Progress 8 = -0.43 for the whole year group. As a small school the impact of a very small number of pupils can be disproportionate on the whole school outcome.  If we were to remove 5 pupils with specific circumstances then our P8 becomes -0.09 .  We are a comprehensive school where we take pupils from a wide spectrum of abilities.  Our curriculum stretches all pupils irrespective of their starting point.

Primary School results - Click here

DFE Performance Data - if you click here you will be taken to the national data set for you to be able to compare us with all schools nationally.  This includes Primary, Secondary, attendance and workforce information.