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Religious Education


To deliver the RE specific objectives and aims set out in the Southwark Diocesan schemes of learning and by the SACRE agreed Syllabus. 


Through an enquiry based approach adapted from Discover RE, using the knowledge and vocabulary laid out in the Southwark Diocese and SACRE schemes of learning.


For our pupils to:

  • Become open minded learners who show compassion towards all individuals and proactively engage with other faiths and beliefs.
  • To have a strong moral compass and fight social injustice through becoming courageous advocates. 
  • To have the knowledge and vocabulary to engage constructively with all faiths, evidenced through reflection essays.


Sequencing and Progression

Using a combination of Southwark Diocese Schemes of Work and Discovery RE,  we have completed a detailed long term plan that ensures progression across each of our four:


Each year group will revisit