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Uniform Requirements

Uniform summary can be seen in this grid below:

  • All years Black blazer with the school badge must be worn at all times (in summer pupils must have it with them still).
  • White shirt (to be worn tucked in and with the top button closed)
  • School tie (to be worn with 6 stripes showing after the knot)
  • Black skirt or trousers (no combats/jeggings/leggings)
  • Trinity school bag. (Year 11 only may use their own bag).
  • Plain dark blue or black coat.  If other colours are worn then they must be taken off and placed in their school bag for the day.
  • Black socks and Black shoes with no other colour anywhere and black laces (no canvas shoes or trainers) Black hair accessories only.
  • The only jewellery permitted is a watch and one pair of small plain gold or silver studs, no bigger than 2mm in diameter.
  • Any head wear (scarf etc...)must be plain black No makeup should be worn.

In addition to the uniform requirements:

  • No hoodies —they will be confiscated on sight.  In cold weather pupils should wear a coat.
  • No phones/headphones—they will be confiscated on sight.
  • No hats to be worn inside the school building —they will be confiscated on sight.
  • Be in full uniform when inside the school building including a school bag at all times.
  • No trainers inside the school building —they will be confiscated on sight. At lunch pupils can wear trainers on the playground only - they must change when they come back into the building.
  • No nail polish or nail extensions to be worn at all.  This goes along side no make up.

P.E Kit: “Fit or Not fit—you must bring your kit”

  • If pupils are not fit for PE (with a medical note) they will still change and support the teachers during the lesson.
  • White school polo shirt with the Trinity Logo on it.
  • Plain dark navy blue jogging bottoms/shorts or leggings.  No stripes. Small sports logo only.
  • School PE Hoody or Rugby Top with a yellow stripe (the Hoody is replacing all tops and the others will be phased out over time).
  • Sports trainers/Boots – Note : when using the field, trainers will not be allowed on the field due to Health and Safety.  Studded boots must be worn on the fields.
  • If you have any questions please do contact your son/daughters PE teacher.




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