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Year 11- Head of Year Miss Antoinette O'Neill

Year 11 is a critical year for pupils at any school; here, at Trinity, our ethos of learning, loving and living is at the heart of our pastoral care.  We want all pupils to achieve their academic potential and gain the best GCSE grades possible.  To do this, we support pupils through our Family Group system.  During the course of year 11 we will be ensuring that every pupil makes a sixth form choice which is right for them.  We pride ourselves on knowing the educational and welfare needs of every pupil and have support set up to meet their needs.  We work closely with a pupils’ family and encourage communication between home and school.  Our aim is for pupils to leave Trinity in year 11 with bright futures ahead.



Family Group

Family Group Leaders





11 KNE

KNE Kaydi Ann Newsome

Maths : 15 pupils

  AON Antoinette O'Neill

Maths 2

11 VTU

VTU ValerieTurkington

Maths : 15 pupils

LGE Ludovic Gene

Maths 1

11 NMO

NMO Nicole Moore

English 20 pupils


English 2

11 RJO

RJO Roxanne John

English : 20 pupils


English 2

11 MRO

MRO Meera Robbins

Science : 20 pupils PBE Phoebe Beetham  Science 1
11 NJO

NJO Neil Jones

Science : 20 pupils   RE 1
11 SHA

SHA Shermaine Hamilton

Overflow group   Maths 3