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Year 7 - Head of Year Mrs Sally Reid


HEAD OF YEAR 7 - Miss Sally Reid

The transition from Primary School to Secondary School can be a daunting experience; however at Trinity we work hard to make this transition run smoothly and to make our Year 7 pupils feel at home as soon as possible.  We hold a range of Transition Days throughout July, so that our new Year 7 pupils are confident and prepared when the school year starts in September. 

Year 7 pupils feel like valued members of the school community very quickly.  We encourage pupils to make the most of all the opportunities on offer such as Pupil Voice, Drama Club, Choir and sports teams including Football, Rugby and Netball.  In Year 7 we have a committed Charity Team who are currently running a range of activities and talks designed to fundraise for the 'For Jimmy' foundation. 

Our family group based pastoral system provides continued support for pupils throughout Year 7.  Family group time is structured to aid pupils in developing their personal and character education as well as keeping them on track academically.  We also have a range of tailored programmes of intervention designed to meet specific needs including mentoring, counselling, mindfulness, EAL support and Drama therapy. 

The Year 7 curriculum at Trinity is both ambitious and varied, providing the foundation for further study into GCSE and beyond.  Pupil progress is monitored closely and academic intervention pt in place quickly and effectively.  By the end of Year 7 pupils have a good grounding in all subjects, so that they are fully prepared to choose their GCSE options in Year 8.

Year 7 Family Groups 2018-19

Family Group

Family Group Leaders

Deputy FGL






MSE Marcin Sedlak


SRE Sally Reid

English 5


NBO Nadia Bonnaud


HDI Helena Dillon

Languages 2


GCA Gerard Canning



English 3


NDI Nicola Di Ricci



English 4