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Year 8 - Head of Year Ms Patricia Facey

Year 8 is an exciting year for Trinitarians. They are no longer the youngest in the school and being now familiar with school routines and lesson, they are expected to ‘hit the ground running’ and set an excellent example to the incoming Year 7. By the end of the year, pupils will choose their GCSE options, so Year 8 gives them the opportunity to continue studying a wide range of subjects and discover which they enjoy and wish to pursue into Key Stage 4. As always pupils will be provided with Knowledge Organisers as well as other specially tailored resources to assist them in their learning, so that the choices available to them in Key Stage 4 are as varied and interesting as possible.

Extra-curricular activities such as Pupil Voice, Choir and sports teams including Football, Rugby and Netball continue into Year 8 allowing pupils to live ‘life in all its fullness.’ Pupils should already be thinking about developing the skills and attributes needed to join our Pupil Leadership team at the end of Year 10 and these activities provide the opportunity to take on more responsibility and further demonstrate the Trinity Values of being courageous, principled, insightful, reflective, knowledgeable, open minded, resilient and independent. The Charity Team established in Year 7 will continue to run a range of activities and talks designed to fundraise for the Year 8 Charity. 

Our family group based pastoral system continues to provide support for pupils and they enjoy the consistency of being supervised by the same Family Group Leader as in Year 7. Family group time is structured to aid pupils in developing their personal and character education as well as keeping them on track academically. Throughout the week pupils will engage in PSHE, revision and reading activities as well as taking part in communal worship.

The Year 8 curriculum at Trinity is both ambitious and varied, providing the foundation for further study into GCSE and beyond.  Pupil progress is monitored closely and academic intervention put in place quickly and effectively if required.  By the end of Year 8 pupils have a good grounding in all subjects, so that they are fully prepared to continue more specified study as they move into Key Stage  4.




The Year 8 team can be contacted on the following email addresses : 


Name Email Address
Mr Sedlak
Ms Betancord             
Ms Syleimani
Mr Scoggins (TF)
Mr B Teuten (TF)
Ms Dillon
Ms Di Ricci
Mrs P Facey


The Year 8 team comprise of : 


Family Group

Family Group Leaders

Deputy Family Group Leaders



MSE Marcin Sedlak

BTE Benjamin Teuten

English 5


NBE Nuria Betancord


Languages 2


RSY Rina Syleimani

 Christopher Scoggins (TF)

English 1


 NDI Nicola Di Ricci


Maths 5


PFA Patricia Facey

Year Progress Leader  

 HDI Helena Dillon

Deputy Year Progress Leader