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Year 9 - Head of Year Miss Clare Shobbrook

The Year 9 team

The Year 9 Pastoral Team is led by Miss Clare Shobbrook (Year Progress Leader) with support from Mr Jermaine Constantine (Deputy Year Progress Leader)

 Each Year 9 pupil is under the care of a Family Group Leader, who they will see every morning before lessons. Our Family Group Leaders this year are  Mrs Patricia Facey, Mr Raymond Eriivwo, Mr Aaron Omar and Miss Victoria Adnitt.

Family Group time

Every morning, students meet with their Family Group Leader either for Family Group Time or Whole School Worship:

Monday Equipment & journal checks
Tuesday Worship
Wednesday Literacy (we are currently reading “A little History of the World by E. H Gombrich” – please do ask them about it!)
Thursday Worship
Friday Group discussions


Our aims for Year 9

  • To enhance the range of vocational and foundation learning opportunities – students are strongly encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities such as music ensembles and PE clubs.
  • To provide appropriate academic intervention for those students who are not meeting academic targets
  • To maintain/improve attendance at 95% minimum
  • To maintain/improve excellent punctuality
  • To provide support strategies for all students relating to their wellbeing
  • To guide students through their option choices at the end of Year 9 in preparation for their GCSEs.

Advice and concerns

Please feel free to call or email our Year 9 team anytime about any concerns you may have about your child or their time in school, we are dedicated to your child’s wellbeing and success. Please do keep us informed of any changes of address and personal contact information, as well as any illness or absence.

Dates for your diary

Year 9 options   :   All pupils have had a 1 to 1 interview with a senior member of the school team to discuss their options.  Letters will follow at the start of May.

Family Groups and Rooms

Family Group

Family Group Leaders

Deputy FGL




PFA Patricia Facey


CSH Clare Shobbrook

History 1


RER Raymond Erijivwo


JCO Jermaine Constantine

Science 3


AOM Aaron Omar




Languages 1


VAD Victoria Adnitt

PWY Paul Wynter  (Tuesday - Friday)


Geography 2