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Admissions Consultation 2021/22

Last year we consulted on our admission arrangements to ensure as a through school our pupils from year 6 had an automatic place in year 7.  This was determined by our governors and put on our website.  This year we are consulting again for a small change ready for pupils who will start with us in September 2021 (those that will apply next October). 

We have added an additional oversubscription criteria for our open places.  This is that:

  1. Children of staff who were recruited to fill a vacant post for which there was a demonstrable skills shortage.

We have decided to add this criteria to enhance our staff recruitment process.  Looking at our pattern of staff recruitment over the last 3 years we anticipate this would only account for potentially one pupil a year on average.  To view the full document for consultation please click here.

To make any changes we need to consult with our parents, the local community, other local admission authorities and the Diocese. 

The consultation starts on Friday 1st November and finishes at midnight on Friday 13th December 2019.

You can feedback to the school in writing addressed to the Admissions Team or via email on

If you require a paper copy please do not hesitate to contact the school office on:

0208 852 3191.

All feedback is welcome and will be used by the governors in their decisions.  Thank you